Information Technology Consulting

    The Bonocore Technology Partner's Information Technology Consulting Practice is focused on core areas, to align the effectiveness of information technology with the overall business strategy an goals to:

  • Streamline operations
  • Assure work efficiency to include work elimination challenges
  • improve business operations; drive greater return on investment
  • Improve quality 
  • Reduce costs.

            Our Information Technology Consulting Services are focused on

          The  BTP integrated program approach is designed to drive greater success by supporting our clients in three key areas:

  • BTP adds experienced and knowledgeable information technology professionals to each assignment with overall goal to enable every phase of the project on time and at or under budget.  
  • BTP is dedicated to our tested and  disciplined approach on each IT assignment balancing the selectin of the  best of breed available technology, while blending the context of enabling business value. This approach entails: a thorough analysis driven planning, accurate estimating of cost and schedules, clear expectation setting, and concluding with  sound development execution measurement, management and quality assurance
  • Each engagement considers all potential non-technology critical success factors to optimize the value of the IT project. BTP’s broad experience and breadth in business strategy and operations coupled with specific market knowledge complements the IT projects to drive complete and effective results-oriented solution.
  • BTP commitment to collaboration emphasizes continuous  knowledge transfer & team mentoring on each assignment.  The goal is to work closely integrated into our client teams.


Information Technology Consulting: Core Areas Of Service

The BTP four core service areas  of Information Technology are:

  1. Project & Program Management — BTP uses formal yet flexible project and program management methodologies with a special focus on quality assurance. Assigned project managers supported by BTP tools and techniques provide clients reliable quality outcomes on both internal and vendor performed engagements. BTP project management services include: work plan development, estimating and costing, independent project status assessments, quality assurance, functional and technical acceptance testing, program/project reviews, and ongoing project management support.
  2. Information Systems Planning — BTP teams help clients define critical business needs to identify the data or information required to support those needs and achieve business objectives. BTP analyzes alternative systems strategies to cost-effectively advance business objective through Information Systems provisioning BTP recommends complementary, or phased projects, and develops supporting business cases. BTP Planning services extend to include post-implementation business case metrics reviews. This review includes project findings and recommendations documenting resources, costs, schedules and benefits.
  3. System Development and Implementation — BTP also develops custom application systems. BTP uses Rapid Application Development (RAD) techniques so that systems can be operational in months rather than years. BTP has considerable experience in rapidly developing distributed systems using relational data base technology. BTP’s staff is experienced in RAD techniques as well as in traditional SDLC system development approaches and methodologies. BTP uses structured project management techniques on all its engagements.
  4. System Integration — BTP works with clients to identify and select package solutions to their information needs. BTP works with the client and the vendors to design and develop changes to the package as well as custom external interfaces to satisfy user requirements and to integrate the system into the existing application environment. BTP also oversees user training, conversion and implementation.

Information Technology Consulting Project Examples

  1. Selected and implemented full Suite of application systems to support a start-up Wireless Business.
  2. Developed and launched of a major drug program support site for a major pharmaceutical company. This included all aspects of: call center, member and physician portal, business intelligence (BI), and reports.  
  3. Developed functional requirements, and defined architecture for a new  billing system for the wholesale business of a major Communications Service Provider (CSP). The project evaluated alternative systems to achieve the desired future state. BTP led the vendor evaluation and selection processes.
  4. Provided IT infrastructure to enable a B2B exchange project between a Hong Kong  bank consortium, and  a communications client.
  5. BTP developed a high level Information Systems, (IS), plan for all Business and Operations Support Systems, (OSS and BSS), for a satellite-based Internet Access Service Provider (ISP). The systems plan identified the major business functions to be supported and the applications that would be required to support those functions. Also estimated the pricing for the acquisition, deployment, and operations of all major BSS/OSS systems. 
  6. Developed future information system application architecture for a major wireless Communications Service Provider, (CSP). This included customer care and billing system functional requirements and architecture design. BTP sourced and  evaluated alternative systems to achieve the desired future state while leading system selection and implementation processes. 
  7. BTP deployed a convergent billing system for a major Communications Service Provider, (CSP), as part of a multi-year, multi-million dollar enterprise IT transformation effort. New IT infrastructure was required to support the envisioned next generation of communications products.
  8. BTP provided a requirements definition and system selection project for a major multi-service Communications Service Provider (CSP). The new, converged billing system was intended to support cable, wireless, local and long-distance services.
  9. Created a high level design for a future customer care and Operational Support Systems (OSS) for a large European communications company. This effort included: interviewing operations executives for business requirements necessary  to develop a distributed data design. After extensive risk and cost analysis, BTP utilized data warehousing concepts foroptional performance and data recoverability.
  10. Developed a strategic systems plan for major Communications Services Provider (CSP). The team assessed current systems, critical success factors, strategic direction, and information needs.  After interviews with  key personnel, BTP assumed prime responsibility for the proposed data architecture.
  11. Developed an Information Technology (IT) business case for a new service offer for a  Communications Service Provider (CSP).  BTP developed the offer and  plan market a Decision Support Systems.
  12. Developed a five year strategic systems plan for a startup Communications Service Provider. The plan provided strategic framework for developing the systems infrastructure to support the client’s fast growing business.