Bonocore Technology Partners, LLC

Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting Services Summary:

1.     Business Diagnostic Assessments

  • Business Organization & Operational Assessments
  • Sales Organization Effectiveness Assessments
  • Strategic Alliance Partner Assessment
  • New Products and Services Assessments
  • Competitor & Customer Assessments
  • Strategic Information Technology Assessments

2.     Strategic & Market Planning

3.     M&A Consulting Services

In each of these areas, BTP brings experience, methodology, and proprietary research to provide breakthrough thinking and documentation for effective implementation.  At client option, BTP staff to implement, or guide in-house implementation with appropriate knowledge transfer. BTP is always available for progress evaluation and continuous quality improvement. See below for more depth explanation of the above list of Strategic Consulting Services:

Business Diagnostic Assessments

            A Business Diagnostic Assessment provides an objective, and independent opinion on specific areas, or the overall state of the business.   This assessment identifies, prioritizes and quantifies major issues, and then documents an actionable improvement plan.

BTP objective Diagnostic Assessments are usually completed in a 10 to 60 day time frame depending on the scope and the size of the business. Elements of this diagnostic assessment include:

  • Comparison of current business operations against possible future state performance
  • Summarize organization’s strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities
  • Report on the findings based on variances with recommendations

Each variance noted identifies the material impact this difference has on current operations. As an example, the process considers: the impact of loss of income, sales loses, or unsatisfactory customer service. We then recommend changes to minimize the variance, providing a business case for the change, and an actionable implementation plan.

Strategic Market Planning


             The goal of Strategic Market Planning is to assess activities leading to goal accomplishment. The process defines your organizational business objectives, strategies to achieve those objectives, and enumerates the tactical actions to support the strategies.  Action plans are developed to identify the responsible leaders to execute the plan. Time limits are set for the plan execution including  suspense dates.  When completed, the plan is shared broadly throughout the organization to align teams. Team alignment includes identification or Critical Success Factors and Key Performance Indicators.  

             The BTP strategic planning process follows a methodology based on: 

  • Extensive market research depicting client and competition current market position data
  • Broad stakeholder involvement
  • A comprehensive review of the organization's current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT Analysis)
  • Executable Plans identifying: Objectives, Strategies and Tactics
  • Assignments for leaders with  accountable execution milestones with due dates
  • Identification of Critical Success(CSF's) to achieve desired results
  • Identification of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for leaders and teams

 When the planning is completed, there is broad agreement on: organizational mission and goals, the market facing strategies, the execution requirements, and how to go about implementation including the role of new investments.

Merger & Acquisition Services


 BTP consultants have a strong track record of sourcing, enabling, and executing M&A transactions. BTP success portfolio is approaching $3B in transaction values completed. These past M&A engagements has honed the  BTP methodology and process with resultant knowledge, experience, and best practices. These learnings contribute to minimizing project risk, and process inefficiencies. The BTP learnings  have specifically identified deal killers, pitfalls, and delays inM&A transactions which can be avoided to expedite and assure success. BTP provides the M&A business acumen to  support lawyers and accountants in the due diligence review process. Important business issues are often overlooked or minimized which are outside the purview of lawyers and accountants.

           BTP Credentials  assist in the following service areas: 

  •  Developing the value proposition
  •  Active facilitation of the M&A process.
  • Sourcing:  with our industry expertise and strong network of relationships
  • Facilitate deal flow aimed at qualifying and assisting probability of success
  • Execution in operational due diligence and integration planning
  • Non-Legal and Non- Financial Areas include:
    • Over optimistic revenue projections not supported by operations
    • Weak Product documentation
    • Market position assessment
    • Customer related issues
    • Initial Integration Planning
    • Management and Change Management Issues.    
  • Serving as an objective party to work with management through business issues to  help resolve them prior to close of the transaction. Please see  the related Publication tab for more detail)

Strategic Planning Project Engagement

  • Developed and implemented a strategy for growth for a technology company specializing in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. This included positioning the product in the marketplace, sourcing strategic investors, aligning partners, and developing other strategic changes to generate revenue and restructure costs.
  •  Developed a comprehensive sales and marketing alliance strategy for a major
  • software company. This included selecting a portfolio of partners to complement the product strategy for Master Data Management MDM, and Supplier Relationship Management SRM systems.
  • Designed and implemented a solution-driven convergent sales strategy for a startup communications service provider that helped increase company value. This effort resulted in increased sales, reduced closing time, and an improved customer acquisition rate. This effort helped position the company for a successful sale at a greater value than anticipated. 
  • Sourced, negotiated, and executed a strategic partnership for a technology company to establish a private label technology platform to enhance penetration of Tier 2 and 3 insurance carriers. The results were an increase in projecting revenue of $30M over a 5 year period.
  • Designed the end-to-end business architecture that defined all major business processes in the delivery of wholesale internet access services in a global market for a satellite manufacturer.  This enabled  planning new service entry into the market for internet access services. 
  •  Developed and implemented a product and alliance strategy for growth for a software company specializing in Web-based applications development software. This included finding additional financing; repositioning its' product in the marketplace; and finding additional strategic partners.
  • Completed a competitive analysis identifying industry best practices for supporting enterprise customers for a high-tech data solutions company
  • Developed, negotiated, and closed an offshore partnership for a technology services company resulting in annual software delivery cost savings approaching 45%.
  • Identified and negotiated a new strategic sales alliance for a privately owned startup software company. This new alliance generated over $10 Million in new sales within the first 18 months. It also added additional value to the strategic partner by supplementing the  go-to- market strategy.
  • Developed and implemented a strategy for growth for a technology company specializing in Product Management Information Systems software. This included positioning products in the marketplace, sourcing  strategic partners, and developing other long term strategic changes to generate revenue and restructure costs.
  • Developed and implemented a strategy for growth for a technology company specializing in Web-based applications development software. This included finding additional financing; repositioning products in the marketplace, and finding additional strategic partners.
  • Designed and assisted in executing a solutions-driven sales strategy for a technology software company that resulted in significantly increasing sales and contributing to the company's ultimate sale at a much better than expected valuation. Previous to this engagement there were no interested buyers. The project included repositioning software products in the marketplace, providing  marketing and sales support, and improve the overall market position of the company.

M&A & Litigation Support Project Examples

  •  Evaluated a potential investment in software company for a venture capital investor. BTP worked with the investor team and lead the due diligence effort including:  reviewing the target market, evaluation of the target  company operations; determination of the technical condition of the software, (including software documentation and performance), and development of future plans for management, and operations.

  • Assisted in the sale of a technology company for a venture capital investor. BTP led the effort by using proprietary methodology to: develop the future sales strategy, identification of potential buyers; and assistance  in the sale. The seller’s received a greater than expected return. 
  • Completed an information technology due diligence effort for a major Cable Service Provider (CSP)  to assess a potential acquisition targets. The engagement reviewed: database compatibility, quality of applications, application architecture, overall organization, and many technology systems.
  • BTP created a corporate development process and methodology, and managed the process from sourcing transactions through post-deal integration for $1B public automotive services company.
  • BTP estimated the financial proforma for aCommunication Service Provider (CSP)  to consider potential merger or acquisition.  BTP analyzed a target carrierto assess  value to qualify value for acquisition. 
  • BTP evaluated the business plan for a start-up provider of fixed wireless services for an investment bank.  BTP evaluated the technology plan and worked with the service provider to refine assumptions regarding coverage areas and related investment requirements. 
  • BTP performed technical due diligence assessing a  wireless technology and PCS company for an international  investor. 
  • BTP Supported multiple litigation support engagements in the communications industry including the development of expert witness testimony.