Assessing your organization's ability to successfully manage an innovative process:

An innovative assessment requires an objective evaluation of all the factors that could affect the process from idea generation to successful implementation.

Areas that should be evaluated as part of any innovation assessment should include:

  1. Identify all the factors that are either feeding or starving innovation in your organization.
  2. Define how your customers or clients needs require you to change your business mode.
  3. Recognize the technology available to provide you new opportunities for innovation.
  4. Understand the difference between change and innovation.
  5. Develop a process for encouraging and permitting new ideas to be heard in your organization.
  6. Identify where you sit on the innovation structure scale (predictability vs. creativity).
  7. Ascertain any possible constraints (staff, group, organization, market etc.) that would inhibit identifying & implementing innovation.
  8. Discover how your employees perceive innovation and make part of every person's job description.
  9.  Recognize how your employee award system can drive or hinder greater creative thinking.